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We move all kinds of things and can accommodate your special requirements.

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Pianos come in all shapes and sizes and we have experience in moving all kinds of upright pianos, pianolas, organs and even baby grand pianos. We can even recommend a good piano tuner to re-tune your piano after its been moved.

Special Items & Antique Furniture

Do you have a special item that is difficult to move? Over the years we've moved all kinds of things - from a stuffed peacock in a glass cabinet to 8 foot pool tables or a large kayak. We are specialists in moving all sorts of antique furniture and we can even move your spa for you. Whatever your special item is - we will find a way to move it safely.

Insurance or Storage

Abbey Removals provides transit insurance included in the cost for every move that we do. Its part of our service and it helps to give you peace of mind when choosing us for your removalist services.
We are happy to discuss all aspects of the transit insurance with you to put your mind at ease. And for more in depth queries, we can re-direct you to our experienced and friendly insurance broker who can expertly answer all your insurance related questions.

If you need short or long-term storage for your furniture and belongings, please ask us about the options available to you. It all depends on your requirements - will you need easy access to your goods - is it cheaper to store here in SA or interstate - is a shipping container the best answer? We can help you with all these queries.

Boxes & Tape

We have on hand a good supply of cartons and tape for your packing needs. Our cartons come in two sizes - smaller ``Book`` boxes which measure 298cm x 431cm x 406cm (add in photo) and are ideal for packing books, CDs or DVD's, and delicate china or crystal.
Our tea chest boxes measure 596cm x 431cm x 406cm and are great for packing most items.
We can also supply good quality packing tape that won't peel off and butchers paper which is ideal to wrap your crockery in so it won't get marked.
We can supply picture boxes which are specially shaped to hold several prints or paintings.

Often we also have a good supply of 2nd hand boxes which we can sell to you at a cheaper price.

If you're going into storage, we can also supply plastic covers for mattresses, chairs and sofas at a small extra cost.

Shed Contents

Abbey Removals will move most of your shed contents. We have room to fit workbenches, garden tools, ride-on lawnmowers, whipper snippers, ladders, camping gear, etc. Loose items should be placed into boxes as much as possible as they are much easier to move this way - and easier to unpack and sort out at your new place.
Please note that we are unable to transport flammable goods - so all appliances need to be emptied of fuel before the move - this also includes your LPG gas bottles.

Pack & Unpack

Most of our customers prefer to pack their own belongings into cartons for their move. However we do offer a packing service (at an extra cost) if you prefer. Our careful packers can supply all packing cartons and materials.

Please let us know if you would like more information about our packing service.

Frequently asked questions

Yes we certainly can. Its straightforward when you know how. Please let us know beforehand if you need us to reloacte your spa as we need special tools to make the move easier.
If we are already moving the rest of your furniture, it will only cost a little extra to include your piano. The extra cost is to cover the time needed to load and unload the piano, but because its only a small part of a bigger move - its a very cost effective way to get your piano moved.
Our expert movers know how to stack furniture to get the most out of your storage space without damaging or marking your furniture.

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