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Let us take the stress out of your move... We do this every day - so we know what we're doing.

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Make Your Move Easier

Let us look after you for your move.... we treat your furniture as carefully as if it were our own!

We provide a door-to-door service - all you need to do is have everything packed into boxes. We will load everything into our modern truck - all furniture will be individually wrapped in our special quilted furniture pads so it won't get broken or scratched in transit.
We have all the trolleys and equipment to move even the most difficult pieces of furniture - and we love moving pianos and pool tables.
At your new home, we will place all the furniture and boxes into the rooms/areas you require.
You'll be settled in no time!

Let us give you an obligation free quote today!

Reassembly Service

We can reassemble your beds and connect up your washing machine at your new place - its all part of the service.

Sometimes tables, cupboards, and other items need to be unassembled to fit in or out of your house - but don't worry - if there's any items we need to pull apart for the move, then we put them back together on arrival at the new place.

Happy Professional Workers

Our workers are trained to handle all sorts of furniture and all sorts of situations - so we can look after all your needs.

We know that moving can be stressful, so we try to make it as relaxed as possible - we may even get a laugh out of you!

No More Fatigue

As specialised furniture movers since 1997, we have all the trolleys and equipment to move even the most difficult pieces of furniture easily.

We are specialists with those tricky pieces of furniture - let us move your piano, pool table or spa for you today - no worries.

We'll do the hard work - so you can settle in and enjoy your new home.

Packing Service

Most of our customers prefer to pack their own belongings into cartons for their move. However we do offer a packing service (at an extra cost) if you prefer. Our careful packers can supply all packing cartons and materials.

Please let us know if you would like more information about our packing service.

Frequently asked questions

Firstly, try to use a box thats the right size. Books and DVDs are heavy so they need to be packed into smaller boxes. Try not to have items sticking out of the top of boxes - this makes them harder to load. Try to fill up the boxes with cushions, linen or even newspaper so the top of the box doesn't get crushed!

In the kitchen, its best to try and place a towel or sheet at the very bottom of the box. Crockery and glassware items will need to be individually wrapped in paper. White butchers paper is best for this as newspaper can sometimes leave ink marks. (We have butchers paper for sale if you need some). Finish off the box with another towel, sheet or layer of crumpled paper at the top. Boxes should be packed firmly (so the contents don't move around) but not too tight.

Dinner plates are best wrapped individually and then stacked on their ends.

You can use light things such as Tupperware and plastic items to fill up boxes that have heavier items on the bottom layer.

Boxes should be labelled with the room and a brief description of contents, so you can find things easily at the other end.
Yes you can leave clothes and blankets inside drawers and blanket boxes. Anything that will move around inside drawers will need to be removed and packed into boxes. Its a good idea to remove make-up, medicines, jewellery, stationery, etc from drawers and repack them somewhere else.

Documents and files can be left inside your filing cabinet.
Once you know everything has arrived in your new home, and its all safe and sound - we would like payment please!

Payment is expected on the day of removal and can be made via these methods:
  • cash
  • cheque
  • debit card
  • major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

Please note that payment by American Express will attract an extra charge of 2.75% to cover bank fees on the transaction.

Please note that for interstate moves, we expect 50% payment upon loading and the remainder upon the safe arrival of your furniture.

We will happily provide you with a receipt - just ask us for one.

Payment by account can be provided by prior arrangement only. EFT details will be supplied but payment must be made within 7 days of your move. Please let us know when booking your move.
Its not an absolute requirement but we do work better with a caffeine intake! LOL
For most moves, we can start first thing in the morning and have you out of your old place by lunch time. You should then be in your new place in the afternoon and you can start unpacking a few essential boxes!

However, If you have lots of belongings or if there's a lot of travelling to be done between your old and new homes, then we'll need a bit longer to get you settled into your new place.
Yes, we do interstate moves.
We go anywhere including Melbourne and rural Victoria, Sydney and NSW towns, Queensland - Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (sometimes up to Cairns) - also over to WA!

Because we are a small family owned business we can go to those out of the way places that other removalists won't go to - or they charge you an arm and a leg to get there!

Are you worried about moving?

Let us put your mind at rest! See what other recent and repeating clients have to say...

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